About PriceOps

The 5 Pillars of PriceOps define a methodology for pricing model definition and implementation that supports iteration, safety, and organizational alignment.

Who should read about PriceOps?

Everyone involved in the architecture and design of SaaS applications would benefit from adopting this methodology, but especially: engineering and product leaders, and founders of companies starting or re-evaluating their monetization journey.

What PriceOps is (and is not)

PriceOps is a methodology that enables iteration and flexibility. It describes a set of implementation properties that facilitate pricing model exploration by effectively managing inherent complexity. Think of this as a set of architecture blueprints and best practices, which can assist in the ongoing development and refinement of your pricing infrastructure.
PriceOps is not a prescriptive guideline about how any particular product should be priced, or how such a price should be determined. Rather, it is a guideline for how a pricing model must be implemented to maximize flexibility and stability.
PriceOps is how to operate the pricing.
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