What is Tier?

Tier will:
  • Give you an opinionated way to implement pricing
  • Limit the number of systems and data you have to deal with
  • Work within your existing architecture/app
  • Keep you from having to do anything custom or one-off
  • Provide a single place to handle anything related to pricing, billing, subscriptions, entitlements, metering, etc.
Tier implements PriceOps best practices for you.
Please read How Tier is designed for more information

In these docs

  • Quick Start Guide - Step-by-step to getting up and running with Tier.
  • Hello World! - Hello, World! Integration example.
  • Recipes - Standard pricing models and their corresponding Tier pricing.json representations.
  • CLI Reference - Documentation for the Tier command line tool.

Advanced guides and reference docs:

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